Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

I Want A Guy That Will Pick Up The Phone AND Call.

Let’s face it. Waiting by the phone for a guy to call when 

he insists on texting you is #NotCute.

Texting is convenient.

Texting saves time.


Texting can leave you an emotional wreck.
How many times have you asked your girlfriend to translate
a text message (been there, done that). I love the English
language far too much to settle for that.

You can hang on to his every word if you wish BUT,

remember the waves from your #SmartPhone aren’t
transmissions from his heart.

So, ask yourself the following questions.

Do I want a guy that’s emotionally unavailable? (Mum’s his word)

Did I picture Mr. Right with a #SmartPhone in his hand texting

me?  (I envisioned him picking out a dozen roses)

(Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I Can’t Talk Right Now, But I’ll

Text You In A Few…143)

Am I not worth a phone call?

Girl, you know you’re worth more than a call, so don’t fall.

Guys that text (too much) are cheap (The nerve of me).

It calls for a repeat. Guys that text (too much) are cheap.

If he texts more than he calls, he’s not emotionally paid

(more like emotionally bankrupt).


How to deal with Cheapskates?

1. Free your mind by speaking your mind. Let him know

you’d prefer a call.

2. If he asks you out on a date via text, Thank him and

ask him to let his mouth do the talking (politely).

3. If he refuses to get into a groove and call you. You have

to decide if Emotionless-Eddy (I had a crush on a guy named

Eddy in Jr. High…Hmmm) is for you.

Why sit around hanging on to his every word via texts. 
You’re a “Connectionista” and you value yourself too much.

If he doesn’t grant you your wish, it’s time to send him a Good Bye Text…NEXT!

Mr. Right Now is calling me…gotta go Boo!

“If A Guy Gives You Half His Time, He Doesn’t Deserve A Full Time Position In Your Head”

Yes, I said it…

Be Good To YOU,



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