Sitting at home alone with a dozen roses is not something you want to brag about but then again maybe it is.

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’ll make the most of flying solo… how about you?

Darling ol’ Valentine’s Day, where the sky turns pink and the ground turns red. Or maybe I just slipped on a thousand confetti hearts and got tangled in a bundle of a billion balloons. Dolled up and disoriented, I didn’t get pulled off the pavement by Prince Charming. He was too busy wining and dining on the patio, French kissing over French baguettes. But before I get cynical, I have to admit, being single on Valentine’s Day is pretty sweet.

I mean, think about it, you can eat the ENTIRE box of chocolates, you can drink the ENTIRE bottle of wine, and you save an awful lot of money. In fact, The National Retail Federation predicts that on average, we each spend at least$142 dollars celebrating the holiday. That’s $19 billion a year. Crazy! So instead of sobbing over soggy leftovers or stale sweethearts, take the day as an opportunity to celebrate yourself, the whole 142-more-dollars-in-her-pocket self. To keep your pumps peddling down the pastel sidewalks this Valentine’s Day with confidence, joy and self-love, slip some of these single-serving to-dos in your schedule.

Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday so chances are you may not have the day off already, so think about taking the day off and spend the morning sleeping in! The best part about single-life is you don’t have to share your big comfy bed with anyone! Stretch into a starfish and get some extra sheet prints on your cheek!  Who cares? You don’t need to impress anyone when you wake up. Drool, dream, roll over and do it again! Then, when you wake up,make your favorite breakfast and a delicious cup of Joe.

But design your plate as if you were at a restaurant! Cut your strawberries into hearts by slicing them vertically and forming the stem side into the top of the heart. Slice upon orange and add it as décor to a glass of OJ. Toast some hearty wheat bread, dice up some fresh veggies and shower them over a scramble! Turn on your favorite tunes, maybe a throw-back or some soothing jazz and savor the flavors and sounds! Next, it’s time to dress up. YES, for yourself!  Put on your favorite outfit that makes you feel like a queen, style your hair and powder your nose. You, girlfriend, are going on a date with your single fabulous self.

Buy yourself a dozen red roses or whatever flowers you like best! Pick up a Hallmark card and write it out to yourself! This is a great opportunity to reflect on all of the wonderful qualities you love about the most important person in your world , YOU! Use the same gratitude and kindness in your words as you would to a family member, friend or significant other. Lick the envelope, seal it up and leave a red-lipped kiss stain on the front. You aren’t allowed to open it until later!

Take yourself shopping, to the park, a movie, a walk on the beach (if you are lucky enough to live in SoCal weather) or a stroll in the snow. Do all of the things you really enjoy today and don’t feel guilty about it one bit! End the evening at a new restaurant and order the most delectable dish! Lay your roses on the other end of the table and open up your card during dessert! You are the sweetest Valentine any girl could ask for and you deserve all your love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Elana Kluner