“Make RICH Decisions”

First thing that comes to mind, PRAY…right?

It was a lesson on one door closing, and another one opening. I am the queen of slamming doors (shut). Do not enter…EVER AGAIN! 

I wasn’t always so quick to sit pretty on ‘Let It Go Thrown’!

Several years ago I entered Resistance University. It was a 2 year course and let me tell you I received an A in FAILING. 

No matter how hard I tried life was not working in my favor. It was bad…I mean really bad. I remember a girlfriend telling me it’s a done deal why don’t you just accept it. No, tenacious me kept pushing and prodding until finally I hit rock bottom…I flunked. Capital F on my life’s report card that year.

What happened?

I’m talented, intelligent and ambitious. Where did I fail? I didn’t listen. I didn’t follow my feminine intuition. AND I had yet to master the art of truly letting go. A mistake repeated more than once is a decision.

It was time I audited my decisions.



I moved…
I took a hiatus from a business model that wasn’t working.
I released the way I thought things should be and trusted there must be something better.

It was not easy. I cried (ugly crocodile tears). 

Life, the universe, God…call it what you will, had enough of me forcing something to be, that were not for me.

Last month marked my 4 year anniversary (April 20, 2012) of letting go…and when I say let go I I walked away from EVERYTHING, shut doors and started from scratch, yet again.

I remember I had to withdraw $140.00 to pay the balance to the movers (It didn’t make sense to hang on to my stuff but the voice inside said you’ll want your furniture in the new place) and it left me with $52.27 in my bank account.


I moved in with a friend for a few weeks and went to work. Shortly thereafter I rented a living room and slept on a blow up mattress for 10 months. I spent time alone (mostly with my Yorkie Rocky). I immersed myself in personal growth. I went to the gym (cardio clears the mind).  

New beginnings can be scary but I was plagued by embarrassment and humiliation.

What will people think of me?

Oh yeah, I still had yet to conquer ‘Worrying about what other people think syndrome’. 

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent, if you’re feeling inferior because of your current circumstances, you have the power to shift your thinking, which will change how you’re feeling and create better results.

Side Note:  If everyone likes you you have a serious problem..

I had it bad, which is why I didn’t ask for help. I got myself in this hot mess, I’m going to get myself out.

What did I do?

I created a new vision for me and my business. I set up multiple streams of income and  within 10 months  Rocky and I were back at our house in the valley, I negotiated with the bank to do a short sale and  9 months later  we were back at the beach.

The Law Of Attraction was working. I manifested EVERYTHING I wanted and needed to turn my life around.

..when you master the art of letting go…you will live your days with more peace and more clarity. 

Walking away allowed me to reexamine how I was living and the choices I made.

I think it’s one of the best things we can do in our lives and a beautiful process that needs to be understood and practiced daily.

It’s not easy and if you don’t want to flunk out of Resistance University like I did you will rock “letting go” like a pair off Louboutin’s or Zanotti’s.

Letting go means going with the flow (when the tide is going in the opposite direction it’s a sign).

It means not worrying about what people will think. You have to have thick skin like an elephant (paint it pink if you have to…).

You have to leave the things from the past in the past. You only carry them over to implement the lessons.

86, eliminate and annihilate needs and desires, fears and doubts.

Dare to be undefeated…

Lovingly accepting yourself and the choices you made. Developing a sense of peace about your present situation is a ritual you must adhere to.

It doesn’t matter your current station in life. if you don’t have 2 nickels to rub together or a place to live. You can turn your situation around if and only if you’re willing to do the work.

But keep resistance in your back pocket.

There’s a difference between getting resistance from outside forces and you resisting much needed change.

If it’s not working…let it go!
If you’re in a business that’s not working…let it go
If a guy is irking the hell out of you…let him go
If people in your life are more of a liability than an asset…let them go! 
If you feel icky inside about something…let it go!

For me Letting go was a therapy session and the foundation for yet another mindset makeover. 

It shows you how much wisdom you have. It’s a gracious way to live life to the fullest and to be free of attachment and the burdens it carries. You know I love living the glamorous life but there’s something about not being attached to stuff or letting stuff define you.

When you let go of what was and what will be, of what you want things to be like and of how others expect you to behave, of the negative thoughts, power trip, ideas, beliefs, control and security, you meet the beauty and freedom of life for the very first time.

You see what you’re really made of.
You see how much power you really have.
You walk confidently knowing you have what it takes to overcome ANYTHING..

You will become a Queen at letting go and not EVER looking back.

AND… when you let go (I mean truly let go), you will get to experience what’s on the other side, it’s better than you imagined!

~Ungenita Prevost