Parlez-vous francais?

Paris is famous all around the world to be one of the most romantic destinations for couples. But the thing we don t know yet is that it is also the perfect destination for single women.

If you’re looking for the perfect “Girl Getaway”, May or June  is the perfect time to go there and enjoy the ideal weather. The flowers have just opened in the different gardens and one you must experience on your trip is the garden of Tuileries. You will feel amazing and be able to relax in this wonderful place.You will have the impression that the time has stopped and you can enjoy the sunshine with the sound of the birds chirping in the background.

All around you in the street, in the subway, you’ll see a lot of very fashionable girls. It will definitely inspire a wardrobe makeover.  Fashion is not just reserved for top models,French girls are known to set many Fashion trends. Walking the streets of Parismimics a Haute Couture catwalk so dress to impress. You will feel like a Paris Fashion Model when you walk on the Champs Elysees, the most famous avenue in Paris.


Brace yourself for the stylish men, the majority of French men can be seen wearing a suit and tie when they go to work, well groomed men with a sexy French accent gives them that “je ne sais quoi” we call charm.   At the end of the day, you can find them inthe different terraces at the bars relaxing and having a drink with their colleagues, their friends or maybe you in the near future. One of the best addresses is ‘Le Paname’ close to the subway stop ‘Etienne Marcel’, in the center of Paris. You will find there the best Mojitos in Paris for only 5 euros until midnight all days. The terrace is at the center of a square surrounded by lovely trees.  

For girls who like electro music, you should definitely go to the ‘Nuba’, it is on the rooftop of the ‘Cite de la Mode’, it is one of the most hype places in Paris and it is the perfect bar if you like trendy style and sophisticated guys. You can sip your beer in front of the ‘ Seine’. Above all on Thursday night, you can dance to  the incredible electro music until the end of the night and you’ll feel incredible and a sense of freedom. Dance and enjoy the wonderful view of Paris. And at this moment, you realize that you really are in one of the most incredible city’s,where the story mixes with modernity.

But if you really want to sway your hips on the dance floor, strut on over to“after works” on Thursday night, offered at many pubs, from 7 pm to 9 pm. You can enjoy unlimited food such as petit fours and delicious French desserts. But the highlight of the evening is that you have unlimited Champagne, the best way to discover this “Frenchy Drink”. Then, after 9 pm, the music begins and everybody hits the dance floor. If you have 20 euros , the most famous place for it is ‘Chez Regine’, so close to ‘Champs Elysees Ave’. A lot of men go there to unwind after work and meet wonderful girls like you.

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Paris contains also a lot of gorgeous monuments such as the Eiffel Tour of course.Get ready to be impressed. And during the night, you can observe the well lite monument every hour on the hour, all the Eiffel Tour is illuminated with white colors every five minutes. It is one of the most beautiful things to see in Paris. You can also, if you are a sporty girl, take the stairs two by two on the Eiffel Tour for a panoramic view of Paris.


In order to feel the real Parisian ambiance while discovering one of the most beautiful districts of Paris. You have to walk by the Montmartre at night. You can discover this very lovely district without all the hustle and bustle of tourists. This district is full of small and adorable crepe restaurant and it will make you feel like you’re in an old French movie. The cathedral of ‘LeSacre Coeur’, at the top of this district, is going to make you feel admiring and impressed with such architectural achievement.   Don’t hesitate to enter to feel the peaceful atmosphere of this place.  

If you appreciate the beauty of art and if you are a cultural girl, you have to discover the museum ‘Le Louvre’, the grand museum known around the world. You can see the famous painting ‘La Joconde’ by Leonardo de Vinci. The incredible aspect of this museum is that you can discover a lot of works ranked by period and by countries. The Italian collection is absolutely gorgeous. This museum is opened until 9:45 pm.  Wednesday and Friday evenings are the best times to visit, the whole museum is quiet and you can avoid the wait and long lines on the other days.  At this moment, you can really feel and see all the beauty of the art. 

If you want to feel like a princess in a romantic French story, let your imagination run wild in the gardens of Versailles. This visit is free and you‘ll feel like you’re part of one of the most luxurious periods in French culture. When you are walking in these incredible gardens, you can hear classical music that will have you itching to waltz with a Prince at your arm. You can imagine all the princesses and even all the queens who walked in this garden adorned with sophisticated and glamorous gowns, waiting for their husbands coming back from the war or hunting. It is a real jump to the past French story.


Finally,if you’re up for a laugh and wish to enjoy a One Man Show, the pub ‘Les Cariatides’ is the perfect place to go on Sunday Night. The show begins at 8:00 pm in their cellar. It is called the Underground Comedy Club because the atmosphere is a little underground in the cellar filled with young people. The show is amazing with a lineup of ten comedians who know how to make you laugh.Even if you don t understand the entire show because it is in French, the atmosphere is worth a try.

I hope you’ll now agree, Paris has a lot to offer a single woman. In this city, you can feel relaxed, peaceful, amused, fashionable, excited,independent, free, sexy, creative and beautiful.

Finally…in Paris, you have everything to be radiant and it is the perfect way to meet the French love, isn’t it?

Bisous Bisous,