Fashion Sense + Financial Sense = Feminine Power 100%

Ever catch yourself looking through a magazine, watching a movie or even looking at someone’s social media page and find yourself feeling envious of them or wondering how they acquired such accolades?

I hear a lot of you screaming “Guilty!”

I bet you are wondering, “What can I do to be like them? How do I get that fulfilling lifestyle?”

The answer is surprisingly simple…  You Have Got To INCREASE YOUR SELF-WORTH!!!

First thing’s first, as a #WomanAboutHerBusiness you may look to others for inspiration but look within oneself to identify what it is that makes YOU happy , what it is that YOU specialize in regardless whether or not you get paid for it… Yet!

By digging deep, you will reestablish your truth, your unique spark and Authentic-Self!

#HOTSuccess is yours for the taking!

With your redefined strengthened confidence, it is critical to surround yourself with positivity in every realm of your life; positive thoughts, actions & friends.  Positivity is crucial because it enables, growth; whereas negativity will just drag you down.   Negativity is the twin sister of Misery & Misery loves company, so kick all negativity to the curb and continue to soar above it all.

Next, with that stellar confidence and positive outlook on life, it is time to implement some key things that will align YOU with that lifestyle YOU deserve and desire.

A #WomanAboutHerBusiness is a strong independent woman.  Now that is not to say that you cannot be a #WomanAboutHerBusiness if you have a significant other in your life, YOU absolutely can.

Independence and strength can be demonstrated in various fashions, by not being reliant on anyone for your happiness, well-being nor success.  Take control of your life by having a passion for your chosen career; most importantly, job stability.   Settling is not for you , that is for amateurs who are not looking to exceed in their lives and you are far from amateur status; that is why you make a daily commitment to excellence, apply yourself and execute only the highest quality of work; securing a solid career & glamorous lifestyle if you should so desire.

Financial status is one of if not the most imperative things, for a #WomanAboutHerBusiness.  With a stable and fulfilling career, you should focus on what to do with your earnings. There is nothing sexier and more empowering than a woman on top of her finances with disposable income to have fun with or be more conservative with it. That’s right setting aside a percentage of your earnings each pay cycle is what the pros do.  And just in case you’re thinking, “Boring! I work hard for my money and I should be able to spend it however I want.”  That sentiment is true and up to you, however, if you’re ready to be a woman with “Fashion Sense AND Financial Sense” add a savings plan to your financial wardrobe.

We never know what the future has in store for us , so why not be financially prepared as well. Don’t fall for all of those ever so tempting credit card offers, it is a pitfall for many but not for you; YOU may have one major credit card that you use and pay off to establish good credit because YOU are financially savvy!  A high credit score will bust down any barriers that stop others who are ill prepared, having stellar credit will allow you to invest in you, your business and if you should so desire a sexy new car, your dream house AND a glamorous lifestyle if you should so desire.

The time is NOW for you to apply all this new found knowledge and be that inspiring #WomanAboutHerBusiness & a Fierce Feminine Leader!

See You At The Top!