Take Your Failures, Falls, &Flops AND Make Them Pretty!

It’s Ungenita, and I want to welcome you to PoshONPennies® , after 16 months of pounding my pink Sony Vaio Laptop, a lot of sugar (Cupcakes), sweat (San Fernando Valley Heat) and tears(Entrepreneurial Heartbreaks), today is the day I send my little girl out into the world.

PoshONPennies® is a labor of love AND I say with, well deserving exaggeration, I’m beyond thrilled to deliver this to YOU.

Outside of your comfort zone is where the beautiful stuff really happens – in order to grow and become a#HOTSuccess you have to raise the bar (Settling For Less #NotCute). I’d like to think that’s what we’ve done. Completing PoshONPennies® has been the most challenging and most exciting project I’ve created thus far. Billions of learning lessons, paired with seeing a dream come to fruition.

There’s so much to explore on this site, take your time and take it ALL in. Just in case you’re wondering…Thursday is the day [ #TripleThreatThursday ]…new content hits the web.

I will continue to test, track and tweak, so if there’s something that you LOVE or something that you’d like to see MORE of, please do share your .25 cents in the comment section below. Also, please feel free to share with ALL the “Posh Pennista’s” [Pretty.Smart.Successful] in your life.

Let’s Conquer The World With Sass& A Whole Lot Of Class!

Love, Beauty & Hot Success,