“Mirror,mirror on the wall, I will generate multiple streams of income once and for ALL.” -Ungenita Prevost

If you’ve been turning a side-eye to our economic state, I’m here to tell you, you can take your financial future in your own hands. If you haven’t figured it out, we don’t rest on our hot & sexy laurels around here. Our fellow CIC(Chick in Charge) wouldn’t have it any other way. Case in point, when it comes to filling your wallet with dollars, one gig is NOT going to cut it. Let me repeat that… one gig is NOT going to cut it. If you’re a Female Entrepreneur, you have to have a side hustle before your venture is keeping you #PrettyANDPaid 24/7.

Ungenita shared with me that when she thinks about the times she stressed about money or tossed and turned at night because she didn’t have any (been there, done that),it was because she didn’t line up enough GIGS. She learned quickly to keep the pipeline FULL.  She remembers in her 20’s, at one point she had about 6 gigs (cocktail waitress, beer girl, dancer, body double, actress and spokes model). It was a fun time because she networked like crazy and leveraged her platinum Rolodex. “I still incorporate what I did then, today.”So what I wanted to share today is all of the glamorous gigs Ungenita, amongst many other women (myself included), have landed over the years and let you know that you can as well! Let’s take a look at the many ways to fill up your wallet with a lot of dollars.

“Every girl deserves a well-endowed bank account!” – Ungenita Prevost

1. Trade Show Model

When conventions come to town, different brands are always looking for attractive young women to represent their company. For a few days of work you can make between $500-$1000. Ungenita’s favorite trade show modeling experience was at a Sony E3 Convention in Los Angeles. You can also go-go dance at trade shows if you’ve got a bit of rhythm and endurance. I’ve once go-go danced at a car show and made a ton of great connections.

2. Brand Ambassador

One summer Ungenita was hired to represent ING Direct. She had to dress up in orange overalls and an orange T-Shirt with jeans. The hours were pretty flexible,evenings and weekends in Los Angeles and Orange County. She was one of about 20 models that were escorted by a driver that made her feel not only safe, but also helped to increase her financial sense. She grossed about $4000 part-time over the summer. Ungenita was also one of the Victoria Secret’s Pink Launch College Girls when they first put out the line several years ago. It was a fun gig and they got to take home pretty pink pajamas and hang out with Supermodels. Both of these gigs came via an agency. Check your local listings or Google to find an agent. You can also find a lot of gigs on Craigslist.

3. Background Artist

“This was definitely a calculated risk that paid off,” admits Ungenita. When she arrived in LA, it was a great way to make money and easy. She immediately was offered bit parts, stand in and body double work. There are many casting sites that allow you to submit yourself for various parts and who knows, you may be an extra in GI JOE and have a part next to Channing Tatum. (Yep…that happened tome.) To be brutally honest, you sometimes get herded around like cattle and treated as such, but if you can suck it up, you get fed well (catering is incredible) and get to play for the day. My favorite place to hang out between shots is the “crafty” table. Snacks galore (watch your figure girl)!  

4. Production Fit Modeling

This is one of those secret jobs that pays well but no one knows about it. Check your local listings for model and talent agents that rep Fit Models.  
You can make an average of $250-$500 a day depending on the nature of the gig. Plus, who doesn’t want to play areal-life mannequin? If you find yourself fitting into everything you try on when you go shopping … get your perfect sized booty into this gig!

5. Beer Girl

“I think I retired from Beer Modeling at 30. I had a collection of beer outfits. MGD, Corona, Black Star, Heineken, Miller Light,” says Ungenita. She doesn’t drink beer (wine girl, like me) but it was fun and enhanced her speaking skills. “Let’s just say I learned how to talk, I mean deal, with men.” She got into beer modeling because she was approached by a rep while cocktailing at the famous Karaoke bar Dimples in Burbank. Those gigs paid about $150-$200 for 2-3 hours of work. If you over 21 and don’t mind hanging out in your local pub, this just might be the gig for you.

6. Style Expert

Giving style advice. Don’t we do this for free everyday anyways? Might as well get paid for it! Ungenita dressed mannequins part-time at Wet Seal. You can do this freelance, at a small boutique, or work for one of your fashion brands. You’ll make up to $500~$1000 depending on your hourly rate. I’ve gotten paid to style for performances for dancers and singers and it’s the sweetest gig around! You get to shop with someone else’s money… dream life!

7. Pen Up Girl

Write…yes we make money with pen and paper. Ungenita has worked for as little as $50 to write a Real Estate ad to $3000+ to come up with a 4-word tagline and social media marketing. There’s no rate sheet for writing jobs. Ungenita created her own and she highly suggests you do too if you want to make money off your talent. Everyone needs writing help so open your mind to it coming in all ways.You can write ads, resumes, bios, articles, blogs, scripts, social media posts,and so on. Or if you’re (cough cough, apostrophe ‘r’ ‘e’) a grammar and spelling nerd, you can be a freelance editor as well.

8. Mystery Shopper

“Short lived, I tried it once,” says Ungenita. You can make about $100. It’s not steady, but comes with a perk. They always gift you something from the store.Personally, I haven’t had a ton of success with this, but I know it exists and seems like a super fun stint if you can make it happen.

9. Body Double

Ungenita jokes, “I leased all 2000 of my parts”.   You can make about a $1000 a day! Again,it’s not steady work, but it came in handy for Ungenita back in the day because she became a Body Double to the stars. Sign up at your local casting networks or modeling agencies for these types of opportunities. Make sure to list your accurate measurements (no cheating…you have to be the right size).

10. Million Dollar Consulting

Ungenita read Alan Weiss’s book Million Dollar Consulting and swears it inspired her to become a high level consultant. You can make $100, $10,000 and if you build a world class brand you can fill your wallet with $100,000 by giving advice about anything and everything under the sun. You’ve heard the saying, make money off your expertise. Cha-Ching!