She’s A “Goal Digger”…

December is all about introspection…tracking what was hot and learning from what you consider a‘not’.  I have to laugh because we only use the world resolution in January, and you and I both know, they’re goals February-December!

Goals keep me on track year round. I’d like to consider myself the quintessential ‘GoalDigger’ . I LOVE writing my goals and reading them out loud.

The secret to starting 2015 with a bang is ending 2014 feeling good about what you’ve done.  Celebrate yourvictories and refrain from criticizing yourself and immersing in shoulda woulda coulda moments.

Here’show I recommend kicking off January 1 to ensure yourself #HOTSuccess until December 31.

YouGrow Girl!

1Bless The Mess – Own your mistakes! Mistakes are filled with gold. It’s your job to find it and allow it to be the catalyst for your next win.

2.  Be A SoloArtist- You can have it all,but you can’t be all to everyone. Take time to be by yourself, be still to recharge and you’ll find more peace within.Self-care is so important. When you take time for yourself, it’s a reflection of your self-worth. Beauty is not just vanity, it’s valuing yourself.

3.  Ban “Inconsistenista” – I’m going to say it again, there’s nothing fashionable about “Inconsistentista”. Finish what you start!

4.  Perfectly Imperfect – Authenticity is a beautiful thing. Stand in your truth and refrain from feeling the need to conform. The world is filled with mediocrity, be extraordinary and stand behind your imperfections. Rock the real YOU!

5.  Fixate ON Funny – Do you know laughing makes it easier for you to cope with different challenges in life. It improves and strengthens your immune system and helps prevent a number of diseases. Play, have fun, go to a comedy show or watch a funny movie. Make time to laugh out loud.

6.  Hissy Fit (Not Cute) – Hot headed is not a trait that will make the men come running. Remain calm, cool & collective, no matter what. In the event you slip up and throw a ‘Hissy Fit’ take a deep breath, regain your composure & set a positive intention to realign your energy. Energy is everything, what goes around, comes around!


7.  Precious Appreciation – What have you done for others lately? Giving is one of the most beautiful gestures! It’s the quickest way to attract abundance into your life. Being of service is tres chic & a practice that pays huge dividends.

8.  A Heart of Platinum – Open your heart & let everyone in. Love should never discriminate. Also remember to practice self-love. To be loved and accepted, you must start by loving yourself. Whatever you don’t like about yourself; find a way to love it anyway. Embody self-love & watch your confidence soar!

9.  Spice Up Your Spiritual Side – Spirituality is not about what you’re doing;it’s about who you’re being. If you want MORE Love, Power & Money. I highly suggest you turn to God. Set aside time to be with the divine. Find a place of worship, pray & meditate to keep you aligned with God. He is our abundant source.

10.  Kick It Quick – Stop carrying your problems in your purse. Allow yourself to feel every once of your emotions, and release anger & resentment regularly. Move on fast. Also, you must be willing to let go of negative people, dream stealers & energy vampires.

11.  Metamorphosis – Be open to new experiences, new looks & new ideas.Creativity is your birthright. Make it a habit to expand your awareness and raise your IQ.  Write & Read MORE!

12.  Thanking Queen – Live with a glass half-full mentality. Practicing gratitude regularly is a powerful way to attract more abundance in your life. Look around& relish on the gifts of today. Focusing on the good today will allow you to manifest great things tomorrow.

Go For The Gold in 2015!

Beauty, Wealth & HotSuccess,