Slide Down The Pole AND Let Your Confidence Soar…

Pole dancing is no joke. I tried it for the first time about 5 years ago and I’m still sore from it. Picking up my purse after class was like pulling a sword from a stone. I had a parade of bruises running down my arms and legs and I fell asleep around 8pm that night. Although none of this sounds appealing, let me add that it was one of the most exhilarating classes I’ve ever attended. The confidence of the women in that studio was extraordinary. Throughout the entire session, I didn’t once think I was working out. I’m one of those chicks that hates the gym and checks the time every 5 minutes to see if my 30-minute run(okay, more like jog slash walk) is over yet. The music, the movements, the challenges, the laughter, the style, the originality and the sexiness of this sassy class made it feel more like a party. If you have never tried pole dancing before, you better hop on! And if I haven’t convinced you yet, here are 5 more reasons that will!

1. Pole Dance the Pounds Away

There is no doubt that pole dancing will give you a body to die for. Wonder why boys drool over strippers? It’s not because they are naked… it’s because they got bomb bodies. (Well maybe a combo of the two… but you get the picture). And you wonder why these girls have incredible figures? It’s from lifting themselves up,down and around that pole all night, every night. Thanks to fitness professionals, you don’t need to work in a nightclub to get the same experience. You can burn your little booty away any time of the day! Some of my friends even have a pole of their own so they can “workout” in the comfort of their own home! But if you are just getting started, there are plenty of studios around the globe that offer pole dancing classes for all ages and levels! You will slim and trim your body in the best way possible. A combination of cardio and muscle toning will have you feeling your absolute best in and out of clothes.

2. Grip your way to Gracefulness

When a dancer walks by you, you know it in an instant. Pole dancing will have you floating around with the same air. Building coordination and precision are key elements to the class. Learning to move to the music will not only help you become a diva on the dance floor, but your strut and stride will thank you for it. The upper body strength required to pull you up on the pole will give your posture superfluous perk. And you can imagine how elegant you will look when you add a pair of heels in the mix! And you will look extra flawless notched up a few inches because another benefit of pole dancing is improved balance. On top of that, pole dancing will increase your flexibility, which will allow your body to be more pliable and avoid injuries. You will grow into your more empowered self.


3. Be the Life of the Party

Once you’ve built up the skill to pull off a trick or two, there’s nothing better than surprising your friends when you walk past a pole or play on a party bus.Pole dancing is impressive and the best part about it is it doesn’t need to be constrained to the fitness studio. Wherever there is music playing, show off what you’ve learned and awe your friends.

4. Slide, Split and Smile

Working out sucks… expect when you don’t realize you are doing it. The best part about Pole dancing is it is so much fun! You will be giggling your head off and shaking your booty all while getting in shape. Work the stress away and fill your body up with endorphins. When you are happy, you are your most confident, so jump on the pole and go!

5.  Spin Yourself into a Slumber.

Pole dancing is a strenuous workout, and once you’re done, you will be able to sleep like a baby… and we all know what our beauty sleep does for us! You will wake feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, strong, confident, and ready for another round!