What’s In YOUR Wallet?

Uhh…. I don’t want to answer that question.

How many times have you heard, “ money doesn’t grow on trees ”? There are days we all wish that statement was filled with accuracy.It sure would be nice to have an extra $1000, $10,000 or how about $100,000.

But when it comes to actually picking up the phone or sending an email to make that next sale, we freeze.

I don’t want to look desperate for money…

I don’t want to be pushy or “salesy”!

Why do I have to sell myself?

I understand,it’s uncomfortable and the fear of rejection can easily stop you in your tracks. So …how do you annihilate your fear of selling?


1.     Be Confident : If you’re not a fan of your product or service, you can’t expect someone else to buy it. If you want to increase your sells on the outside, it’s vital that you stop selling yourself short on the inside.

2.     Walking Billboard : 55% of your communication skills are based on the way you look. Want to increase your bottom-line? Brand Image is the first step… YOU are your Brand Image…the right image will allow you to align with more people.

3.     Super Model Clients: Who are your ideal Clients/Customers? Get to know the target market/demographic that needs you the most, get to stepping to find them.

4.     The Beauty of Benefits : Know the benefits of the products/services that you offer, people are looking for results, your product/service should be comparable to what’s selling, if not better)

5.     Strut Your USP : Why hire me? Because my Unique Selling Point sets me apart, Don’t be afraid to look at the competition to discover ways you can enhance your product/service and make a more attractive offer.

6.     The Pretty Pitch : You have to effectively communicate what you do in 30 seconds or less. Who are you? How do you do what you do? What’s in it for the customer?

7.     You Are Wonder Woman : Know the pain points of your clients/customers and problems you can solve for them.

Connectivity Is The New Currency:

Stop hiding behind the computer. It’s time to unplug and talk to people. And when you do, don’t just say hello and expect a sale. Listen 80% of the time, talk 20%.

Your number one priority: Make A Connection FIRST

Be energetic & focus on what they need, this goes back to pain points. Find out what’s going on intheir world. Show interest in the other person.

·          Give me a K

·          Give me an L

·          Give me a T

What does that spell?

Know Like Trust

People buy from people with the KLT Factor.

People are more likely to refer people they know, like and trust.

Once you’ve established KLT, you’ll feel more at ease and can speak freely about what you do & how your product/service helps people.

The Fabulous Follow up

Get their business card or contact info and follow up within 48 hours via phone or email. Control your destiny, don’t rely on the other person to follow up. You can also use LinkedIn to stay in touch. A top notch LinkedIn profile can help build a “ Platinum Rolodex ”.

The fortune is ALWAYS in the follow up.

Studies show that 67% of people followup ONE time. Only 3% of people follow up MORE than once.

Depending on what you selling, the phone is still your greatest ally. Keep a Sales Journal and record date, time of follow up and result.  Check in once a month until you close the sale or your prospect tells you they’re not interested. Sometimes your clients/customers aren’t ready to buy, but when you follow up consistently, you’re first in line when they’re ready to swipe their credit card.

Selling is a numbers game

Make it a goal to build relationships, actively maintain them and give as much as you take. The more people you connect with, the more prospects you will have to turn into clients/customers.

Set aside a certain amount of time for prospecting & networking each week. If its 3 hours or 10 hours per week, routine is the key to annihilate your fears and increase sales. Cha-Ching!  

·          You won’t have to worry about being PUSHY

·          You won’t have to worry about COMPETITION

·          You won’t have to worry about THE CLOSE

“Be The Designer Label YOUR Customers Want To Buy”

Beauty, Wealth & HOT Success,