Coconut Oil + Pink Spoon= White Teeth

A ‘Billion Dollar Smile’ Will NOT Cost You A Pretty Penny!

I’ve always been a little obsessed (okay, maybe a lot) with my teeth. I can’t tell you how many teeth whitening toothpaste or whitening gel products I’ve tried. After watching Jessica Simpson transform her smile on Reality TV, I immediately booked myself an appointment to see her dentist. I never had my teeth bleached via laser, but wanted the star treatment, so I made an appointment to see Dr. Bill Dorfman. He’s the author of the New York Times Best Selling Book ‘Billion Dollar Smile’.  

The process took about an hour. It was a little uncomfortable, but my new & improved ‘ Billion Dollar Smile’ was worth every penny. I also took home custom trays and gel to maintain my newly bleached teeth.  Over the years I’ve maintained my “Couture Smile” and I’m always tempted to try new techniques when they hit the market.

Beauty Addiction

T hanks to a Nutritionist I met last year, I found an alternative to whiten my teeth that  didn’t  include the 405 freeway and laser beams. She shared her daily oil pulling practice to whiten her teeth. I’d been using coconut oil for years, I drink coconut water,coconut milk and I love applying it to my hair for its moisturizing and hydrating properties. I even exfoliate with a coconut oil sugar scrub.

However, it was the first time I heard of using coconut oil for whiter teeth. The ancient Ayurveda practice has been around for centuries and has amazing benefits.

Here’s A Hot List Of Benefits:

·         Whitens teeth

·         Prevents oral diseases

·         Prevents bad breath

·         Strengthens teeth, gum and jaws

·         Prevents dryness in mouth, lips and throat

·         Holistic remedy for bleeding gums

·         Holistic treatment for TMJ and other jaw ailments

·         Headache or migraine relief

·         Reduces eczema and other skin issues

·         Reduces symptoms of allergies  

·         Helps support kidneys

·         Helps reduce sinus congestion

·         Reduces insomnia

·         Helps heal a hangover

·         Reduces pain & muscle aches

You Grow Girl

I keep a jar next to my bathroom sink, with a pink spoon from one of my trips to Menchies, and I keep a jar in the kitchen cabinet for my Green Goddess Shake .

For stellar results, use unrefined, high quality coconut oil. Raw coconut oil has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and enzymatic properties. It kills unwanted bacteria in your mouth, and it tastes pretty sweet.

Here’s what I do, after I brush my teeth in the morning. I grab my pink spoon and scoop out one full tablespoon of coconut oil. I push, swish, swirl, twirl, and pull the oil between my teeth, gums and mouth. I do it for 10-20 minutes when I’m making my Green Goddess shake (which includes a tablespoon of coconut oil). I make sure to rinse my mouth really well, and I always drink a cold glass of water after my morning coconut oil ritual.

Oil Pulling Tips & Tricks:

1.    Do not gargle when you’re oil pulling, you  wouldn’t  want to swallow the harmful bacteria that you’re pulling out.

2.    Keep the product as far away from your throat as possible (Teeth and gums 100%).

3.    When you’re ready to release the oil from your mouth, head straight to the toilet, the oil could clog your drains. For the love of your pipes flush.

4.    You could develop a “detox headache” right after you oil pull, so give your system 7 days to adjust.

5.    Take it on an empty stomach.

6.    A jar costs less than $10. Luxurious health benefits for less!

You want a ‘Billion Dollar Smile’, Mission Accomplished!

Love, Beauty &Health,