“Mirror,Mirror, on the wall I will save my money ONCE AND FOR ALL.”

What is it about a big red SALE sign that makes us feel like we are SAVING money if we buy something? It really makes no sense, but we all fall victim to it. Both my mother and grandmother are the queens of “Oh! There is a sale going on, we have to stop by (fill in the blank) store and see what they have for us!” so you KNOW it was passed down to me.

It’s almost as if it’s the Department of Water and Power and our bill is due. In reality, our bank account is shrinking when we buy clothes, shoes, makeup, etc, but SALE SIGNS cast some sort of spell on us that make us believe we are actually SAVING money by making our (very important) purchase.

One in every three women in America suffers from buyer’s remorse and lives in economic insecurity. It’s easy to say that we aren’t to blame because we are being bamboozled by sneaky sale strategies, but it is our responsibility as strong business-minded woman to BE AWARE of what is happening around us and keep a keen eye on our finances.

Just like Chandelier Bidding (where an auctioneer fakes a bid to raise the stakes on an auction), we are faced with this sort of devious deception on a daily basis. And being the super beautiful, fashionable, trendy women that we are, we are the most susceptible to it.

“We already buy based on emotions, but scarcity tactics are like hairspray and heat…FLAMMABLE!Caution when hot!” Ungenita reminds us. So, to avoid getting burned with a burdening bank balance, let’s make a plan of action! “Look Hot, Make More, Save Yours!”


Recognize A Trickery When You See It

While talking to Ungenita about the issue, she mentioned, “we see it every day; nine left and once they’re gone, they’re gone (yeah right)”. Do we trust too easily?Maybe so…Be aware that there are usually PLENTY more where the first few came from, and even if there are not, more will be made because more products sold equals more money in the vendor’s pocket.

How about “special promo codes”… this one is as bad as being played by an emotionally unavailable man (let your fingers do the clicking to get my dating update from last week). You are being PLAYED sister. You are NOT the only one. Those codes are blasted nationwide and one code can work for endless amount of people. And hey, guess what? The code does nothing at all because the “sale” is still available without it. Don’t be fooled!

Saving is Sexy

I know, I know, so are the new Dior clear-heeled thigh-high boots from the September Issue, BUT they aren’t cute lying in an apartment with an eviction notice because you can’t pay your rent. Don’t get sucked in to the SALES! Ungenita says, “We spend more than we make and we regard fashion sense more than financial sense.”

Woo! Isn’t that the truth! How often do we go over our spending limit because we NEED that new dress we saw in the window of our favorite store. We need to re-evaluate what is ESSENTIAL! If you aren’t making enough to crowd your closet, learn to say NO. And if you are still dreaming of the item months later, than make a little savings account and purchase it when you are ready! Piggy bank it!

Remember,YOU are in charge of your own  consumption’s . Don’t let the market control you. Plus,a Prada purse feels so much better when it is filled with CASH! So Save, Save,Save, and the reward will feel that much sweeter…plus, you’ll look HOTTER when you’re not worrying your pretty little head about money.