“If you don’t take count of your gifts and talents. You run the risk of someone else selling you short.” ~ Ungenita Prevost

Speaking of being sold short… Ungenita was telling me how she finally got over the ‘Wanting To Be Tall Syndrome’ . “I had no idea I was short until I walked in a modeling agency at 16 years old and they said ‘if only you were 5’9’”. It haunted her for years until she landed in Hollywood where most Actresses are 5’3-5’5, which is how she became a Body Double. A BODY DOUBLE…aka they used HER body to make actresses LOOK GOOD. Hello!

“Thirty six, twenty four,thirty six… She’s a brick house.” But who the hell is SHE? That’s definitely not me. Yet I’m still “mighty mighty”and “ain’t holdin’ nothin’ back”! Dancing to this song in my bedroom, I decided at a young age that I wasn’t defined by my measurements and that my body was it’s own kind of sexy. I tried my best to never compare my figure too hers, but I am human, and a dancer none-the-less (meaning that for my job, I have to live in the mirror), so there have definitely been moments of weakness where I’ve thought.. “holy shit, I look like a freaking COW!”. But then I get back to reality and realize that COW is just short for COWABUNGA because that’s the attitude we should encompass when we catch a glance of ourselves! Plus, hating my body isn’t going to trim inches off my waist. Instead, I’ve learned to love my body and creatively redirect focus on the parts that aren’t my finest. Wink Wink. Hehe. So, here are my tips to being a TOTAL BABE any day of the week and walk around FEELIN’ YOURSELF 24/7!


Besides the obvious (6-pack abs, toned arms, plump booty), working out gives you that feel-good juice . It makes you walk around proud and gets you in that ‘I’m a boss’ mentality! Knowing that you are getting your body moving and breaking a sweat will have you feeling like you already hit your goal weight. If you hate your body, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT . It’s not about being a fitness model… it’s about feeling strong and confident. You don’t need to torture yourself in the gym. Do something you love and something you are good at! Go for a swim, a walk, a yoga class, rock-climbing, basketball-playing, or make up your own sport! Do something good for your body and congratulate yourself for it. 


90% diet, 10% working out. We’ve all heard it before and no it’s not a wives-tale… it’s the truth. If you want to have the body of your dreams, you HAVE TO eat accordingly. Instead of focusing on what NOT to eat,practice FUELING your body. Learn what works for you and run with it. Fill up on nutrient rich foods and watch how your body, mind and spirit respond.Your body will love you for it, and therefor you will love it back! I ALWAYS feel my best when I know I am eating my best. Even if my body is the exact same size as when I’m eating ice-cream-sundaes, something about a hearty salad makes me feel like a runway model. You are what you eat, so eat beautifully!


I don’t care if you feel like a slob, as soon as you do your hair, put on some makeup, slip into a sexy number and spritz yourself with a yummy perfume, you’re gonna LOVE the way you look! I’m always in admiration of woman who take the time to doll-up. There is power in putting in the effort. If you want to love your body, take the time to adore it!


You love your petite arms?Got some busty breasts? Long lean legs? An elegant neckline? Take note of your strong points and parade them! You’re a work of art and you deserve to be on display! When I’m feeling like there’s a donut around my waist, I’ll wear a nice pair of skinny jeans and heels to draw attention to my legs and an oversized shirt to balance it out (okay… and hide my tummy. Shhh…) You’ve gotta work with what you’ve got! Be PROUD of your Pretty Parts and focus on that rather then the itsy bitsyless-than-perfect parts. Once you start to notice how many incredible spots you have, soon enough you will adore it all!


If you don’t think it, no one else will. Beauty starts within. You need to BELIEVE it to achieve it. It’s going to take some work and consistency, but if you practice it enough, it will become a healthy habit. If that means putting sticky notes on your mirror, writing an affirmation in your planner, setting your alarm as a reminder, or putting your backdrop as an “I AM FLAWLESS..”.. JUST DO IT and DO IT DAILY. Replace every negative thought about your body with something you LOVE. Simmer out the stupid self-talk and boil up the bangin’ bod dialogue.

You’ve got it goin’ on girl! Now show me what you’ve got!