Why You Should Never Compromise Opportunities By Wearing Fake Diamonds

Are You Wearing Fake Diamonds To Work?

  • Fake Diamonds Aren’t Good For Business
  • Fake Diamonds At Work #NotCute                                                                      
  • Fake Diamonds Will Not Make You A #HotSuccess

If you LOVE diamonds like me, you’re going to love the importance of taking the phrase  “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”  to a shockingly new level.  When it comes to carats are you going for quantity or quality?  Stop fantasizing about a ROCK on your finger and increase the “ROCKS” in your life. 

You probably already know VVS1  denotes a higher clarity grade diamond. So, if you are looking to polish and primp your life’s purpose, start focusing on activities that shine like  VVS1 Diamonds. 


Check out this flawed statement.  I’m too busy & I need MORE money.  Taking normal circumstances into consideration, it’s not possible. If you are running around busy, busy, busy all the time. You might be shay saying around town with “ non-income producing activities”. Sometimes we don’t realize how much time we’re wasting and how much of that time could be allocated toward income producing activities. This girl want’s results. 

Treat Your Time Like Precious Diamonds!

If your bank statement lacks luster, you have to ask yourself, what can I do to change this situation on a dime? Am I working on activities that will lead to quantifiable results?   

Point Blink: Is this going to lead to more bank deposits? If not, make the decision to prioritize and delete the activities that have no value or you know deep down inside  aren’t producing  radiant results . Just so you know, I’m not talking about the activities that are meaningful but not monetary.   

Imagine if we spent the majority of our days enlightening our lives & lighting up our bank accounts.  Too many times we get distracted or allow others to distract us. Be fierce and cut throat with your focus. Bring out your brilliance by making a conscious  decision to join the ranks of the 3% of people in the world that accomplish their goals because they’re always mining for VVS1 Diamonds. 

Let’s break it down…  

 VVS1 Diamonds (Income Producing Activities)                                                          

  • Polishing up & sending out your resume
  • Following up via phone, email or social media 
  • Sticking to your content calendar & sending out your newsletter 
  • Marketing consistently online/offline
  • Networking online/offline (get out the house) to build your platinum Rolodex
  • Studying, reading or attending a conference or seminar to grow YOU & your BIZ
  • Getting a mindset makeover to release the negative programming that could be sabotaging your success

  A Cubic Zirconia (Non-Productive, Time Wasting Tactics) 

  • Countless hours surfing the net when more important items should be checked off your “Accomplished List”
  • Watching countless hours of TV when you could be researching, reading or recharging
  • Talking on the phone to friends about topics that aren’t necessarily moving your life or business forward (AKA Gossip)
  • Talking about what you can’t have or why something won’t work. Negative self talk is a waste of time.
  • Going out when you know you should stay in and get your work done. Socialize strategically! 

Eye-Opening Insights And Techniques That Actually WORK 

Here’s my Diamond Exercise: Make a list of the VVS1 Diamonds in your life and a list of Cubic Zirconia’s. Be prepared to say bon voyage to the CZs that are causing havoc on your bank account. 

I can go on and on but you know what you need to do and the day you decide to JUST Do IT (Love Nike’s Tagline).  YOUR life will be absolutely stunning.

Oh, before I go I want to add I LOVE Cubic Zirconia’s, Swarovski Crystals and all sparkling gem stones and will bling out my outfit in a hot minute. 

Perfect YOUR Potential,