This Is For ALL The Ghetto Fabulous Female Entrepreneurs…

I don’t like procrastinating. I feel icky inside when I do.So, I’ve learned to talk myself into doing the things I’m uncomfortable doing.If you do it today, you won’t have to worry about it tomorrow. Plus, you’ll feel FABULOUS, overflowing with clarity and you’ll be able to concentrate on other stuff.

I know how to entice ME. Ungenita when you finish you can go to DSW and find a deal on stilettos, lunch on the beach with a friend, a vanilla & chocolate cupcake, Girl’s Night Out, or a glass of Rosé . I LOVE treating myself when I cross items off my ‘Accomplished List’. It doesn’t have to be expensive or increase your calorie intake, but I think you get the point. Find what moves you!


Procrastinista IS #NOTCUTE

How many times have you said…?

It’s not the right time.

I don’t know if I can pull this off.

I better wait.

Procrastination and perfectionism are paternal twins. They share the same beliefs as their Father, I will call FEAR.

Have you ever said?

But, what if I fail…so what?

It’s not about the fall; it’s what you do when you get UP!

Go ahead be my guest.




The entrepreneurial creed is to fail fabulously to success.When you start a new project or business venture, failure will greet you at the door and mistakes will say good-bye before you exit. Commit to getting through the awkward AND drop dead ugly stages. It feels more “Ghetto” than “Fabulous”, but if you rock the opportunity and work to refine it, correct it & polish it, you’ll end up with some pretty fabulous results.

Growing up in the gritty Iberville projects in New Orleans gave me the proper credentials to be called “Ghetto Fabulous”. It is said that“Ghetto Fabulous” is a stereotype of lower income urban America. I’m not ashamed of my roots, I just made it a point to restructure and redefine innuendos. Setbacks can have an upside.


Here’s the NEW definition.

I BELIEVE the “Ghetto Fabulous” female strives for excellence versus perfection; someone that is willing to take risks, and who is not afraid of messing up, looking imperfect or making mistakes during the process. She is not worrying her pretty little head about what people say or think about her. She is living her life fully flawed AND not for ALL.

The “Ghetto Fabulous” chick has a vision of where she’d like to be & won’t allow where she’s at today to hold her back.

Trust me; you can take those ghetto tactics to the bank. If you’re an entrepreneur it’s going to take GHETTO to get the GREEN.  First things first, ROCK the stage you’re in. Jump on the do what you can; in the place you are right now and with what you have bandwagon.

Cease the fascination and fixation…with producing perfection. If you want everything to be perfect before you strut forward, it will stop you in your tracks. Clothes and shoes can be placed on layaway, but dreams and goals should never be ‘bagged up’.

Unstuck is the New Black…

You know there’s no such thing as a perfect time or perfect circumstance. There’s a reason Mark Cuban is my entrepreneurial crush. He tells it like it REALLY is. He shares his mistakes and mishaps before the Billion Dollar acquisition.

There are so many more examples including Howard Schultz,Starbucks CEO. He was turned down by banks 242 times. It took a perfect blend of failures, falls and flops to revolutionize how we drink coffee. I’m sure Mark Cuban and Howard Schultz had “Ghetto” (imperfect days). Does it matter?Absolutely not!

“Winners take imperfect action while losers are still perfecting the plan.”

Ready to cure “it’s not perfect syndrome”? When you start living by the motto, I know I can’t be perfect but I can be excellent,restrictions will no longer stand in your way.

The word on the street, excellence is better than perfection…

Excellence and perfection are mutually exclusive. Perfection is not attainable, and chasing it is pointless. However you can be excellent exactly where you are right now. That’s right; you can put your big girl panties on & strive for excellence TODAY.

Essentially, you work with what you’ve got & make the most of it until you can do better or it gets better. The more you do, the better you get, but if you’re not taking the necessary steps you’re not giving yourself the chance of getting better & being extraordinary. That’s “GhettoFabulous”!

Oh, and if “Ecusinista” tries to sway you to rest on your laurels or play the victim, give her the hand. It doesn’t matter how humble your beginnings are. I grew up in the projects where the average house hold income was less than $15,000.00. My father told me to start in your own backyard. No matter how scary it is, I muster up the courage to start and accept the messes that come along the way because they always lead me to something better. The depth of the ugly stuff determines the height of your success.

Please do tell….how many projects are currently on hold because you feel they’re not good enough? If you’ve allowed perfectionism to stop you in your tracks, your “Accomplished List” will remain empty and you’ll jeopardize your net-worth.

Every mistake is filled with a monumental lesson. Make it a habit to figure out how to apply the lesson to increase your success ratio and entrepreneurial street cred.

Welcome To The Success Club!

Perfect Your Perfection,