You Will Never Find Wisdom On The Clearance Rack

Yep, it’s that time of year again. The upcoming Fashion Collections for Spring 2015 are here, but can it really take you from a “Hot Mess To A Hot Success’?

To me, New York Fashion Week represents more than style, it’s the foundation which transcends our style and personal image.If you think you have to be a buyer, celebrity, or the press to reap the benefits of previewing International Fashion Collections, think again.

All the shoes, skinny jeans, jewels, and dresses waiting for you at the mall right now, no matter the price points, are replicas from a “Grand Glam Ensemble” from Paris, London or Milan, for the most part.

What I’ve discovered over the years, fashion is more than a superficial obsession, it’s a form of self-expression, and an act of confidence when channeled constructively.

Sheer Chicness

I absolutely LOVE it. It makes me feel good, and it’s seamlessly integrated into every area of my life. I also LOVE business,and am always looking for ways to bring flair and innovation to my brands. I like to think I make Entrepreneurship Chic.

If you’re 18, 26, or 34, regardless of economic status, regardless if you’re punching a clock or not, you are the CEO of: It’s All About Me, Inc. The most important thing you can do for your day job, side hustle or entrepreneurial venture is BRAND YOU.  So, leave it up to me to pair style with substance.  Take the Glitz & Glam AND grow your brand!

10 Entrepreneurial Lessons From New York Fashion Week

1. What does the runway have to do with your brand image? Sugary color palettes, including pale pink,powder blue, sunshine yellow, purple and citrine were a hit at New York Fashion Week. Pick a color from the show that inspires you and integrate it in your marketing materials & presentations. Be mindful of colors that might clash with your brand’s color palette.

2. Flaunt your strength! I love Betsy Johnson’s website (she’s definitely inspired me). Visit the websites of three Top Designers. What inspires you? How about integrating one element into your Website or Blog. Remember, it’s about fitting in with existing web-trends, BUT also standing out! #BoldBranding

3. Be a force of fierce with words that will put your brand on the “what’s hot” versus “what’s not” list. Marketing Message Makeover: Study taglines and slogans from Top Designers and redefine your company’s verbal identity in 5 words or less. #WordsSell

My all-time favorite~ Nike…Just Do It!

4. The Beauty of Networking, instead of attending a traditional networking event, mix and mingle at a Fashion Event. You’d be surprised what a perspective outside your industry will do for your business. and are great places to discover hip & trendy events in your local community. #SocializeINStyle

5. If you are giving a presentation, putting together a slide show or video conference, use a Fashion analogy or quote to make your presentation POP. It might be the element of surprise your business is currently missing. #HotSuccess

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. ~ CocoChanel

6. I often say “Conquer The World With Sass & Class”. Take a Fashionable #Selfie and post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest anduse hashtags that tell the world, you’re a “Woman Of Action”.

#GirlBoss#LeanIn #SellingINStilettos #WOA #WomenINBusiness #CareerGirl

7. Surprise your favorite client or customer with a little fashion. It can be as simple as a gift card to their favorite store. Gratitude never goes out of season . It’s The Thought That Counts…is always in style.

8.Pick up a Fashion Magazine like Vogue, Elle or Harper’s Bazaar and study the ad campaigns. Pay close attention to font style, font size, word selection,photography and design layout. Here you will find inspiration for business cards, brochures, flyers, Google Docs, PDFs, Infographics and sales pages, to name a few. (I’d like to personally think Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Allure for sparking my imagination).

9. Face Your Success: Is it time to revamp your look? I have 3 words for you, Million Dollar Image (You can do it PoshONPennies too…). Remember, 55% of your communication skills are based on the way that you look. “Polish.Package.Profit!”

10. It’s always 100% off. Organize a clothing swap with your girlfriends and your business associates. Mixing social savvy and fashion savvy is a great way to build your “Platinum Rolodex.

There you have it, from HauteCouture to Entrepreneurial Chic. The next time you see a Fashion Model shay-saying down the runway, think about how you can apply that “fierceness” to your brand and put your business in the spotlight.

Face YOUR Fierce,