Forget Fat Injections AND Butt Implants, Get A New Badonkadonk In 2015!

“Oh my god Becky, look at her…” We all know the next Sir Mix-A-Lot lyric; the overly sung about subject playing across every radio station and pounding through club speakers around the world. “ Little in the middle, but she got much back ” seems to be the quota for getting down on the dance floor. It was as true in the 90’s as it is today, and even finding someone to groove with requires something going on from behind. You know, Sir said, “don’t want none unless you got buns hun ”. So what if our booty isn’t quite ready for its big night out?Well, here are a few little tricks on how to get it in tiptop shape and looking like those female dancers on Dancing With The Stars.

Like any muscle in your body, the more you work it out the bigger and stronger it will get. Glutes are no different. Although it sounds a bit funny, working out your butt muscles is just as important as tightening up your abs . Dancers spend a majority of their day doing steps throughout their warm-ups and choreography that build their buns,so mimicking their movement will help you get that same rock hard hiney. Exercises like squats, lunges and kicks are a great place to start. Anything that gets your glutes flexing will strengthen those muscles and give you that perfect perky booty without even needing to poke it out. And the best part is, the more you shake it, the better it will look! No technique needed.

Aside from gyrating, getting your groove thang to look like a dancer’s badonkadonk has a lot to do with what you wear. Your clothes can either give the appearance of a curvaceous bottom or a flat as a pancake back, so try on wisely. Form fitting clothes that compliment your shape are always a good go-to. Use your mirror or an honest friend for feedback. Avoid waist-high back pockets that make your butt look elongated and non-existent. Your booty starts at the bottom of your back and ends at the top of your legs. Don’t wear clothing that suggests otherwise. Steer clear from anything too tight or too loose. Channel your inner Goldie Locks and find the one that fits just right. The killer combo of atoned tush and a flattering outfit will be sure to break some necks and have your new bouncy booty in the spotlight.


– ElanaKluner

Pen Up Girl: A fresh imagery-driven perspective and a knack for storytelling, Los Angeles based writer, Elana Kluner has been creating internationally since 2008 for magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites, advertisements, fashion labels and beauty brands. As a dancer and choreographer, her words have an engaging rhythm and her audience coins her voice as being humorous, witty, lighthearted and relatable. Her work has been published in the likes of M2 Women Magazine, Kreativ Mindz Magazine, DANZ Quarterly, Central Leader, Western Leader, The Other Duck and Spa Violet. Elana studied Journalism and Creative Writing at the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand and Fashion Design at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California.