Figure out who you are, and then do it on purpose ‘. ~ Dolly Parton

  • Why are you not standing out?
  • Are you afraid of being seen?
  • Do you think being YOU is not enough?

One of the big trends in business today is following other people’s models for success. It’s HOT and it’s EVERYWHERE.  While that may give you a sense of direction and glimpse of what’s possible, it won’t necessarily attract your dream clients  and give you that “je ne sais quoi” in your industry.  

What’s the big deal?

It’s as if we’re programmed to believe it’s a sin to be Y.O.U.

Why is it such a struggle to be who we intrinsically want to be?

It’s something I struggled with when I started my career in the  entertainment business  and l found myself doing the exact same thing in my  coaching/consulting biz.


Are “they” going to accept me for ME?

Have you ever asked yourself that question??

It’s pretty simple: You have to show the world who you are and be comfortable in your skin.

No replicas

No fakes

No copycats

That’s right you have to be YOU. When you are you, it draws people to you.


So…if your thinking I need to make more sales. 

It starts with Know, Like and Trust.  That’s easy when you’re AUTHENTIC.

If your marketing strategy feels like it belongs on the clearance rack. You can make it more couture by producing content that doesn’t sound like a broken record.


If your stuck on the branding process. 

Remember branding  is part art and part science, and the most unforgettable brands in the world develop their allure  through a highly strategic process. 

A brand archetype is a personification of a brand on a human level. It borrows  well-established character types throughout Film, History, and Literature  to define a brand’s underlying  character  and personality .

Find out what your signature and influencing brand archetypes are and you will be able to say #MyBrandFitsMeLikeAGlove

“Connectivity is the new currency”

So…think about ways you can be MORE like you and LESS like everyone else!