Twelve Steps to Wealth: How Under earners Anonymous Can Transform Your Financial Future

At the end of every month when rent is almost due and the mailbox is stuffed with bills and Vogue magazines (aka glamorous photos of a lifestyle I can’t afford right now…), I find myself wishing I made (and saved) way more money than I do. To give myself some credit, the industry that I’m in (dancing/entertainment) is nearly impossible to actually make a living, better yet, be able to afford anything nice.

(And if you know me, I’m a sucker for shoes and wine and dining out and movie  theaters  and boat rentals and… gosh…I could go on forever). But, when I start to think about it, it really is my own fault. Sure, there are auditions where they are only picking one girl out of a thousand, and there are castings that are looking for a 5’8” blonde girl and I’m only 5’5” and brunette, and you have to know this and that person to book this and that gig, but I can’t always put my financial prosperity in someone else’s hands. I need to create my own opportunities, my own lane, and my own way to cultivate an empire, or at least for now, afford a penthouse apartment with a gorgeous view of the Los Angeles skyline.

When Ungenita sent me an email the other day about a group called Under earners Anonymous, I laughed and said “that is so me”. I thought it was just a clever name she came up with for people in my situation, but as it turns out, it is actually a real thing! And the more I learned about it, the more I realized how unbelievably accurate and beneficial this program is. I got so excited and motivated to digest all of its content and share it with you! What stuck out to me the most was a list of twelve steps to become wealthy (Oh, I am also a sucker for lists and anything that has to do with organization and planning… or a “this is what you are supposed to be doing” guide). So check it out and see how many things relate to your life, where you are lacking and what you are already doing well. Let’s make this mula together!

Stop Wasting Time: Keep Track of it

I am the queen of taking 5 hours to do a one-hour job. Most of the time it is because I am a perfectionist, but sometimes it is because when I have something to do, all of a sudden everything else becomes so important. Like eating an entire bowl of popcorn, reorganizing my jewelry, reconstructing a pair of pants, realizing I ruined them, then deciding I need to donate half of my closet to Good Will,researching the health benefits of limes which turns into looking for un-affordable apartments in France. Needless to say, I get off track too easily.So, step one, record how you are spending your time. How much time are you spending doing your work and are you being compensated accurately for it? Are you needing to create more time in your schedule to complete the tasks you set out to do? Become aware of your daily clock.

Meet and Greet

In the actual Under earners Anonymous program, members meet regularly to encourage each other and share their experiences. If you are not apart of this group, what you could do is create your own, or even look for chat groups online that you could talk to. Share ideas and know that you are not alone. Everyone is struggling with finances in someway or another so it helps to connect with people and help one another move into a comfortable place. Someone may even have some incredible advice or offerings for you.

Get Sponsored

People who have already been through the Under earners Anonymous program sometimes take on a newbie to sponsor and guide them through to their own financial recovery. You can incorporate this concept by having someone you trust, a friend or family member, to sponsor you in a way to support your own growth. This could be buying books about making money,taking a class in your field of work, or even just someone who is in a position you would like to be in giving mentorship or encouragement. What I’ve learned in this lifetime is if you don’t ask, the answer is always going to be a no. So be brave and ask for what you want and need!

Stop Being a Hoarder

I always get chills when I watch the TV shows of people who have to swim through junk to get around their house. But then I realize, what I do is just as bad. I hold onto things for so long for no reason other then “oh, I will need that someday”. However, someday hasn’t come for three years now. So by the wise words of my mother “throw that sh?t out!” You really don’t need it and if your life is clustered, so is your mind. Have faith that what you may need in the future will come. In the meantime, make space in your life for something new.

Pay it Forward

If we expect people do things for us, we must do things for them. It is really true that what you give, you get back. Helping others with their own financial recovery is as important and achieving your own.

Design Your Dream Board

Set goals, write the mout, and create a visual of what you want your life to look like. By getting your goals on paper, you are making them real. Once you get to work on them,write down your progress and then give yourself rewards for each small achievement. I recommend a massage, a wonderful dinner, or a cute new top.

Take Action 

I can’t stress this more.Nothing gets done if an idea stays between your ears. You must actually DO the things you dream of. So many times I have a great idea, but then either get lazy or don’t believe in myself enough to actually get it done. But then there are times where I follow through and feel so proud of myself for making it happen. I even surprise myself sometimes on what I can achieve. MOMENTUM BUILDS MOTIVATION. Take Nike’s advice and JUST DO IT. Once you take action, a stream of inspiration spills through you and creates a marvelous chain effect.   

Grab Your Partner, Do-Si-Do

Having a person to hold you accountable and offer you support is crucial. As powerful and independent as we all think we are,sometimes we need some help. My biggest problem is asking for help and lettingpeople help me, but when I do, it is always worth it. Take up a money making partner and have another wealthy buddy by your side. Plus… trips or dinner for two is way more fun!

Don’t Debt Yourself

Do not live above your means. Don’t buy things you can’t afford. Don’t create a hole for yourself that is too hard to climb out of. Being wealthy relies on having a solid platform,not a gaping pit. Put the Manolo Blahniks DOWN girlfriend!

Let’s Talk About It

Growing up, I was wrongfully taught to not talk about money. This lead me to believe that when I was struggling with funds, I needed to keep my mouth shut and suffer on my own. NOT TRUE! Communication is key. Being able to talk about what is going on, seeking help and hearing others stories or situations is so important. The more you open up, the more you learn.

Become a Book Worm 

There is an unbelievable amount of literature surrounding wealth. Even reading the Under Earners Anonymous website was so informative and inspiring for me. You can learn independently, whenever you want, wherever you want. Take a trip to the library and expand your mind. Find the type of writing that works for you and you will be hooked.

Pull Out That Piggy Bank  

Making money is only half of it. Saving it is the rest. It’s so tempting to be a constant consumer and spend, spend, spend. We live in a world that offers us everything we want and don’t need. Create a savings plan that allows you to reach your financial goals and afford a life in the future, even if that means only putting a small percentage of your income away into a “don’t you dare touch this” account. When you watch your savings increase, you will be inspired to keep it going. Wealthy women unite!