Mindset Lessons To Put More Dollars In YOUR Wallet…

You’re probably surprised to see a Millennial of the opposite $ex on the site but Ungenita insisted I share this with you. I’ve been developing my mental game for the last year and let me tell you the process has been life changing. No matter the age or $ex , I feel its information everyone can apply to their own life. I recently delivered a speech called “Lenses of the mind” and it speaks about some aspects of the mentality it takes to become successful in life. Who’s really stopping you from achieving the success you desire?

There is an African proverb which states, “if there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm”. This quote is empowering because it testifies to the power of the human mind. I’d like to share with you some concepts about the abilities of the mind, we will call these perspectives eyesight and mindset.

Let’s explore one of the minds perspectives, which I’ll define as eyesight. Eyesight is what we see before us. It can be defined as our current circumstances. Maybe our past has left us crippled mentally, maybe we don’t have the job or career we desire, and maybe our circumstances just aren’t what we want them to be and were frustrated.

I remember a time when my circumstances (or eyesight), held my spirit hostage. Have you ever been through a time where you felt like you lost your spirit? At the time I was 22, a bitter argument between my father and I caused me to be without a home once again.

My mother was battling for her life and I made the decision to move back to Kansas, from Florida, to sleep in the living room behind the couch. I did this for a year and I remember lying there, not having any material possessions, depressed and I had a sick mother. I thought to myself, c’mon life? Just give me a break!

These were my circumstances, this was my eyesight. Life does that sometimes, it knocks us down, It knocks us down emotionally,it knocks us down financially but the most lethal blow life can inflict is to be knocked down mentally.

When life knocks us down, and it will, we can gain strength from the fact we never have to accept our circumstances for what they are. We have a power called “mind-sight”. Mindset is creating a vision outside of our current circumstances and seeing what our lives could be like.

If you were to dream, as you did when you were a child, what would your life look like? What would your life look like if you lived on your terms? All accomplishments have been created twice, once in our “mind-sight” and second in reality. Mindset is seeing beyond our myopic circumstances and envisioning a life beyond what we see before us.

At onetime, I was sleeping on a hard floor, broke, dealing with a sick mother and frustrated because my life wasn’t where I wanted it to be but my “mind-sight” saw me living in California, earning a decent income, and living life on my terms.

Les brown once said he didn’t believe in losers ,only people who are winners and people who haven’t’ been shown how to win. I thought it was an excellent point because the only thing separating highly successful people from you and me is knowledge.

I’d like to share with you some tools which helped shape my mind and hopefully it can help you. The first tools, which are simple, are to set a goal and picture yourself living those goals. I encourage you to set aside some time this week and ask the question, am I living the life I want to live? Take some time to answer that question. Why not dream?

It won’t cost you anything to dream. Allow yourself to visualize the life you want to live for just one minute this week.I visualize every day for at least 10 minutes. I remember watching a video about Jim Carey’s rise to the top. At one time, he wrote a check for $10,000,000 dollars and gave himself 3 years to cash it. He visualized himself cashing the check and he said he cashed it shortly before thanksgiving three years later. Jim Carey set a goal, visualized and most importantly persisted in order to achieve his dream.

Persistence is another tool we must use in success.   In setting a goal, give yourself at least a 3-5 year perspective before you expect major results. We live in a world with a “ Microwave Mentality”, we want everything right now. To illustrate the power of persistence, I’d like to tell you about the Chinese bamboo tree and how this should remind you to keep faith and persist .

The Chinese bamboo tree doesn’t break the ground for four years after its planted and if it’s not watered every day, the seed will die in the ground. After four years the tree grows 90 feet. It takes four years of watering this tree without ever seeing any result! After 4 years of persisting to nurture this tree every day, it grows explosively.

It’s similar to reaching our goals because if we are going to accomplish some major goal, we must give ourselves at least 3-5 years of persistence to bring our goal to fruition. Don’t let a single day pass when you do not nurture your dreams or this seed will die in your mind.

All dreams are first planted in the mind. Reality or eyesight may discourage us from watering our dreams but mindset grows dreams into realities. Use your “mind-sight ” to set some goals, visualize,and make an effort every day to nurturing your dreams. Every day is a battle between reality and a long term vision, a war between eyesight and “mind-sight”. The question, will your vision conquer your reality?