You’ve heard it before—out of all the forms of exercise you can choose, swimming works out the most muscles with the least impact out of any other exercise you can choose.  And there are so many different ways you can use a swimming pool for exercise—you can swim laps, building up endurance; you can participate in water aerobics, exercising all your muscles and getting a little cardio; you can even dive, focusing on form.

Maybe you haven’t thought much about swimming as exercise before.  Maybe you’ve just considered it to be a fun summer activity, one that cools you down when the heat is blazing.  But swimming is a great exercise for anyone who really wants to get in shape.  According to WebMD, swimming not only works out all major muscle groups, but it also provides an intense workout because of the resistance water provides; in fact, swimming is excellent because it offers both “cardiovascular and strengthening,” and not all exercises can say that.

Swimming is a great exercise because it’s low impact.  Let’s face it—a lot of people don’t jog because it feels jarring on the knees and back, sometimes even the feet.  Swimming is good not only for people who have skeletal issues, but it’s a good exercise for people who are overweight as well.  The water promotes a feeling of lightness and yet the water offers resistance, so your workout might not feel as intense as it really is.

One of the main reasons many people prefer swimming to other forms of exercise is there’s not a lot of need for cooling down afterward.  Being in the water helps a person maintain an even temperature, even though she’s working hard.

If you have a gym membership and the gym has a pool, give swimming a try and see if you like it as a form of exercise.  As long as the pool is indoors, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside.  Or you might decide you want to focus on swimming as exercise during the summer only.  To save money, call your local pool and see if there are certain times of day for adult swimmers and ask if there’s a discount if you pay in advance.

If you’ve never thought about it before, you might consider swimming to maintain your weight.  It’s fun and you’ll really like it once the weather gets hot.