Money, money, money, money, money… Some people got to have it…Some people really need it – as the song goes.

It fuels our desires to CREATE amazing careers and businesses that enrich our lives.

And then what happens?

If higher self-reigns supreme -we stop procrastinating and MAKE THE DECISION!



Hot Success!

But, if we start listening to the nasty voice within…

We screw it up.

We sabotage ourselves.

P ride, Self-Doubt, Jealousy, Negative Self Talk, Childhood Beliefs, Miscommunication. Lashing Out. Impatience, Closing Up. Shutting People Out, Slamming Doors Shut…

The creative spark dies while the sadness swells inside.

And we’re on the prowl  trying to figure everything out once again…


Is there something wrong with me?

Why can’t I stand in my feminine power?

Because we haven’t put in the CONSISTENCY that we ALL need to push past obstacles so we can be pretty, paid AND profit.

One of my favorite things to do on Friday night, plant my backside to increase my bottom line. Shark Tank is “Bottom Line Training” for Serial Entrepreneurs.

Bottom Line Workout Routine

I will be the first to proclaim how many days a week I climb the Santa Monica stairs or how many minutes I jammed on the stair master. I’m not ashamed to admit lifting my gluteus maximus and firming my backside is part of my “Triple Threat Regimen”.


1 in 3 women in this country lives in economic insecurity– a shocking 42 million women. ~ Maria Shriver The Shriver Report

BUT increasing my assets is TOP priority.

  • Work your mind…
  • Work your body…
  • Work your business…

Brains.Business.Beauty….what’s up with the “Butt Selfie” Movement?

It amazes me how many women have joined the “Butt Selfie” movement, isn’t it time we find ways to fixate on our bottom line.  I LOVE looking hot in a selfie too, BUT grabbing my iPhone and striking a poise to show off my beautiful backside is not the best use of my time.

Some women avoid the bottom line lingo because they lack the confidence to be self-sufficient and financially independent. They cling to the belief that Prince Charming will come to the rescue.  I decided years ago, instead of waiting for Prince Charming, I better rescue myself.

The next group of girls talk about what they’re going to do; Mark Cuban calls them “ Wantrepreneurs”. 

Here’s the caveat…

We’re all united, stand firm and convicted to have cash to do what we choose to do.

How do we increase our value and raise our bottom line so we can feel confident about the final figure on our bank statement?

Takeaction, implement and execute…3 of my favorite words in business . It’s the reason most “Wantapreneurs ” stay stuck. They don’t take action. They refuse to implement and have no clue how to execute.

Here’s a hash tag you can put next to your Twitter handle #WOA

A Woman OF Action…Dollar Signs In Her Eyes AND A BIG BOTTOM LINE!

Imagine if people said this about YOU.

  • A force to be reckoned with.
  • The girl is unstoppable.
  • I’d like to mirror her tenacity and drive.
  • She loves herself so much that she gets off her booty to be financially independent and self sufficient.   
  • She uses are brain to get paid, not sitting pretty or lying on her back.                                                         
  • She focuses on her strengths and can turn even the parts of herself she may think are ugly and unpleasant and difficult and painful – into her most powerful assets.     
  • She’s not one to rest on her laurels and uses ALL her assets.                                                
  • Most women go through their entire lives never learning how to get what they truly want. NOT HER!

If you don’t take count of your gifts and talents, you risk someone else selling you short. So, let’s look at ways you can put #WOA to work. 

I present the #WOA Checklist 

  1. Commit to consistency. There’s nothing fashionable about “Inconsistenista”!
  2. Paralysis, Analysis#NotCute. If you drill down in the details,you’ll end up with zero results. No matter how small the task or action step,incremental steps will bring it to fruition.
  3. If you’re a Creative Right-Brain Entrepreneur it’s easy to stay parked on thinking and planning street. You can sit pretty while the days, months and years go by. Skip the minutia and move to monetize.
  4. Take your failures, falls and flops and make them pretty is actually my slogan for SellingINStilettos. Mistakes are magnetic fuel you can use to rev up your monetization plan.
  5. Focus + Action = Success: Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can do more in one day than you can in a week? It might sound wild, but focus annihilates distractions. Distractions lead to deflated bank accounts. Distraction doesn’t equal action!
  6. Change your attitude: You create Beauty with… YOUR ATTITUDE. YOUR BEHAVIOR. YOUR ACTIONS. It’s ALL Up To YOU.
  7. Give negative self-talk the side-eye.  When you decide “I’m going to do whatever it takes” obstacleswill be no match for unstoppable, unbreakable, unshakeable  YOU.
  8. Plan your day with surgical precision . When you get out the bed in the morning you should already know what you’re putting on your“Accomplished List”. Discipline is a form of Self-Love. Let your heart guide you to #HotSuccess
  9. I’m afraid not …get comfortable saying NO! Sometimes saying YES to someone else prevents you from saying YES to you!
  10. Words sell , be a woman with a lethal tongue. Follow up, make calls, get out and connect with people. Live the Laptop Lifestyle and be a Social Butterfly that builds community (Online/Offline). 99% of success is showing up and never backing down.
  11. In “Think& Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill stated that 98% of people are in jobs they have through indecision. Successful people make decisions quickly and change them slowly. Decision is the key to transformation. Make up your mind and get physical fast! 

Is it more important to have, a BIGGER Backside or a BIGGER Bottom line?

Beauty, Wealth & Hot Success,