Are you afraid you will be forever stuck at your regular job because you can’t get your entrepreneurial venture off the ground?  You know the one you’ve been fantasizing about.  The one that will allow you to serve the world in a BIG way, SOCIALIZE & SHOP. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to “Fill YOUR Wallet”?

Being the “Idea Queen” has its advantages, but what I’ve learned over the years, if you have too many ideas, you run the risk of never finishing what you start.

Strutting down, the “Start Stop Entrepreneurial Path” is not cute. And two qualities on the inside label (procrastination & perfectionism) of “ Inconsistenista ”, are not worth swiping your debit card for.

You can be a Fashionista, Posh Pennista BUT “ Inconsistenista ” will never be in style.

There  are always things you know you need to be doing but you’re not. In most cases, it’s because you have billions of ideas and don’t know which one to start. Or, you have one BIG idea, but you get caught in the minutia of it being perfect or making mistakes and you keep your brilliance in the closet, instead of flaunting it to the world.

Be A #WOA (Woman Of Action). Free yourself of distractions!

Think about the evolution of Apple, I’m sure Steve Jobs had billions of ideas in his garage in Silicon Valley. But, he started with the resources he had at the time to launch Apple. I bet his imagination ran wild, he knew long before we did that a laptop, iPod, Tablet & iPhone would revolutionize our productivity, creativity and communication channels, but he didn’t allow it to distract him. He focused on one brilliant idea at a time and evolved organically, researching his target audience and providing innovative solutions to their problems.  

Did he make mistakes? Yes

Did competitors find flaws with his inventions? Yes

Did it stop him? No

One of things I love about Steve Jobs (May he rest in peace), he tested, tracked and tweaked every Apple product. He wasn’t afraid to launch his idea to the world, he was oblivious to critics, and he followed his instincts and knew he had the ability to transform his idea, yet again.

Think About This.

What if he allowed the vision of an iPhone to stop him from creating the iPod.

You might not be reading this article from your Smart Phone right now. He was an Original.

Thinking outside the box is not always good, if you’re not going to finish what you start.

Procrastination + Perfectionism are the UNPretty way to Face YOUR Future. Letting your Failures, Falls AND Flops take you out of the game and will undoubtedly put a cap on your future..

If you’re ready to release “ Inconsistenista ” I have an exercise for you.  

1. List 3 things you know you should be doing and you’re not.

2. List all the fears you have about doing them.

3. List the worst possible thing that could happen if you do what you’re afraid to do.

4. List what you could do to clean up the hot mess.

5. List what you could do to make the wrongs: right and get back on track.

6. List what’s more likely the outcome if you step up & move beyond the fear.

7. List how you’ll feel 5 years from now, if you don’t follow your heart.  

 Is it worth it?

 Capital N-0 NO!

If you’ve been hired to build someone’s dream, now is the time to build yours. Finish what you start and walk your talk!