Mirror, Mirror On The Wall,

I Will Watch My Words, Once AND

For ALL…

When was the last time you had a conversation with your subconscious mind? Your subconscious mind controls 88%of your behavior and if you want to change the amount of money coming into your life, you have to change the way you think about money and the way you talk about money, so you start behaving differently about money.

  • I know what it’s like to face debt.
  • I know what it’s like to have a zero bank balance.
  • I know what it’s like to wonder where the next dollar is coming from.

The Money Conversation Worth Gossiping About

Look to the left and look to the right, studies show we tend to hang out in the problem and not the solution.  They don’t teach you how to earn money in school. Call me the “Woo Woo Queen” but I pride myself on finding solutions to(money) problems.


I have traditional and non-traditional techniques that have assisted me with increasing my wealth consciousness.


1.   A mindset makeover (I primp my mind with positive thoughts)

2.   A word makeover (I can…I will…I am…are staples in my vocabulary)

Do I believe in Manifesting Money? YES

Do I believe in “Law Of Attraction”? YES

Do I believe in Affirmations? YES

I absolutely love affirmations and If you’re craving cash, start thinking & speaking positively about your financial situation (That’s what Rich People do).

No Ifs, And’s OR Buts About It!

The “Law Of Attraction,” is not a nairy fairy concept and ONLY works when your mind, words, feelings and actions are congruent.

For Example:

You’re thinking about how to make money. Your girlfriend calls, you talk about the economy and what you don’t have. All of a sudden, you’re not feeling so hot and instead of doing something productive, you resort to activities that aren’t income producing.

This is the cycle that keeps us exactly where we’re at. Would you like to break the cycle?

Billionairess Mindset

Let’s say, you’re staring at a zero bank balance, instead of getting depressed, you remain optimistic. You focus on ways to generate income. You call a friend and you share all the new opportunities in front of you. You are not only positive, but you’re showing gratitude which is the fastest path to cash I know. You’re motivated to take action steps that move you closer to your financial goals.

Affirmations work your money muscle and assist you with programming your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind can’t distinguish right from wrong. If you’re focused on what you don’t want,it will bring you more of that. If you’re focused on what you do want, it will find a way to bring you more of that too.

Remember, your subconscious mind is a powerful tool. We manifest from the inside/out. Most people live there lives working from the outside/in which is counterproductive.

To make affirmations work for you,you must say them out loud, in the presence tense and they should be well emotionalized. Say it like you meant it!


You have to feel it.

Believe it before you can see it.

The “How” is none of your business.

Act + Trust = Pretty & Paid!

I’ve compiled 57 of the hottest and sexiest money manifesting affirmations that I’ve personally used to take me from nothing to something.

Here the list:

57 Hot & Sexy Money Manifesting Affirmations

1. I earn an excellent income.

2. I am worth more.

3. I earn great money doing what I love.

4. I am financially independent & self-sufficient.

5. I am attracting lucrative opportunities every day.

6. I am excellent at closing sales.

7. I deserve a raise.

8. I receive a promotion.

9. I am financially independent and self sufficient.

10. I am making, saving and investing my money wisely.

11. I am rich inside/out.

12. A lot more money is coming into my life.

13. I am focusing on income producing activities.

14. I am flowing with abundance &prosperity.

15. I am in control of my money.

16. I create great wealth daily.

17. I attract buyers for my products& services.

18. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

19. I make the most of every opportunity to bring money into my life.

20. I know wealth is easy for me to create.

21. I deserve to be rich.

22. I always have more than enough money.

23. I always keep my finances in order.

24. I always pay my bills on time.

25. I am turning my financial situation around.

26. I enjoy getting paid well for what I do.

27. I always have excessive amounts of money.

28. I can make money.

29. I am a money magnet.

30. I am worthy of the fees I charge.

31. I am an excellent money manager.

32. I give value and receive money.

33. I am earning large sums of money for what I love doing.

34. I am experiencing tremendous growth in my business.

35. I am receiving new business every week.

36. I am grateful for the opportunity to draw money into my life.

37. I now receive large sums of money,just for being me.

38. Thank you for the money.

39. I am now accumulating large sums .

40. I am very excited about earning more money.

41. I am making money today.

42. I am very responsible with money.

43. I am excellent at closing sales.

44. I appreciate the luxuries of life and easily afford them.

45. I can now buy whatever I want.

46. I can purchase anything I desire without hesitation.

47. I easily afford all that I want and need.

48. I easily attract all the money I want and need.

49. I give and receive money with joy.

50. I always have extra money in my savings account.

51. I have an unlimited supply of money at all times.

52. I am rich with unlimited possibilities.

53. Money is always there for me.

54. I walk, talk, look, act, think and feel rich.

55. Lucrative opportunities always come my way.

56. I am making large deposits into my bank account.

57. I am worthy of achieving wealth 

I bet you’re feeling pretty rich right now.

According to Professor Mark Walden of Loyola Marymount University, positive affirmations should be reflected on for 60 seconds every hour.It turns down the worry-making activity in your right pre-frontal lobe and turns up the activity in the goal-oriented optimistic areas in your left pre-frontal lobe. This, in turn, reduces activity in limbic areas that respond to anxiety, pain, or fear.

If you’re new to affirmations, find one that resonates with you. Write it down on an index card and repeat a few times a day.

If you’d like to super charge your manifesting powers.  Pick your top ten and write them in your journal or on a sheet of paper and stand in front of the mirror and repeat them out loud every morning.

It takes 66 days to change a habit, try it for 66 days. Your wallet will be glad you did!

Beauty, Wealth & Success,