“Is Your Underwear Holding You Hostage…. or Setting You Free?”

Oops!… I Did It Again

I will be the first to admit that two of my favorite songs by Britney Spears are “Slave” and “Stronger” (go figure). Truth be known, Britney’s 2001 MTV Music Awards Performance is on my You Tube playlist right now.

She’s sassy, sexy and has broken a lot of records in the music business ( Give the girl her props), but Britney (she may not know this), started a revolution that many of us seem to be in the closet about. #WorkItB

Flash back to 2006,Britney joined  Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan for a Girl’sNight Ouch! She exercised her right, alright, she left her underwear at home ( Oops!…I Did It Again) . The paparazzi turned it into something naughty and (not very) nice. But, it was the fuel, we needed to deal with yet another “Below The Belt” issue, we face as women.

I will be the first to admit, I love my Victoria’s Secret  lace & leopard (my animal print obsession comes in all shapes& sizes) ensembles, but when I put on my skinny jeans, leggings or yoga wear, there’s a voice inside that screams…I want to be free!

Is it okay for me to Be FREE?

Should you be worried about what people think?

OR…what garments are in the vicinity of your Va-Jay Jay?

How many times have you slipped into your favorite pair of yoga pants, you know you’re looking pretty svelte, until you check yourself out in the mirror at the gym…Oh God, you’ve got a pair of big girl panties that give you the worst case of VPL (Visible Panty Line) going!

Or, how about the time you wore your favorite pair of jeans to meet your guy for Happy Hour, and you noticed when you made a B-Line to the little girls room. It felt like his eyes were planted on your booty (baby’s got back), but sadly, you soon realize that it’s probably because you had the worst case of riding-up-back-thong-strap in the history of thong straps.

It’s just the worst,isn’t it? How do panties manage to ruin a great outfit or make you a “Fashion Don’t”? If they’re not bunching, pinching or creasing, they’re subjecting you to an unimaginable amount of embarrassment. You’ve seen the pictures in Fashion Magazines. #NotCute

Slip On The Jeans, Skip The Pretty Panties

What if I told you that there’s a way to be Panty Free and “Flaunt Your Freedom” ? What if I said that you could stay clean and fresh all day(Girl’s got to have good hygiene), without a single tug in the direction of your most fashionable gusset?

What if I said that I discovered a product that will have you signing up to be an honorary member in the #PantyFreeRevolution?

Stand up and shout Panty Free IS SEXY !

Girls and women everywhere, it’s time to use one of the most innovative female hygiene products to grace the open market – GoCommandos cotton patches will keep you looking pretty fashionable (from behind).

The leading alternative for the girl that wants to go Panty Free, since 2005, Go Commandos are ergonomically shaped, thin, stretchy pieces of cotton that you can place inside any kind of “Below The Waist” garments, from jeans to shorts,leggings to overalls. In Health, In Comfort AND Protection!

GoCommandos patches use surgical-grade, body-friendly adhesive, so you’ll feel confident and free all day long. You can still run, go horseback riding, plié in barre class, play your favorite sport, take hot yoga, Pilates, kick boxing, and even cycle (spin class included) using Go Commandos; they really are that reliable. No matter the lifestyle Go Commandos has got you covered.

Go Commandos are so easy to use and come in handy recyclable packaging that’s easy to slip into a purse or night bag for Jet Setting Days. No more counting out endless pairs of panties – which means more room for a pair of jeans or your favorite leggings, sounds pretty fabulous to me.

If you think GoCommandos patches are just a fashion statement, then we have to tell you about how these great little strips can help out girls who also need an alternative to panties for medical issues.


You Don’t Have To Take My Word Ask Your Gynecologist

Problems with wearing panties can effect girls and women who suffer from any of these illnesses :Chronic Pelvic Pain,Vulvodynia, Yeast Infections, Interstital Cystitis, Vulva Vestibulitis and Fibromyalgia.

The International Pelvic Pain Society reports that 9 million women, in the U.S. alone, aged from 18 to 50, will suffer from some kind of pelvic pain problem in their lifetime.

In an article by Jane Brody for The New York Times HEALTH section, January, 2008, reported: “a recent study by the National Health Institute and conducted by Bernard Harlow at Harvard University indicated that as many as one woman in six, 13 million American women, may suffer from Vulvodynia during their lives.”

Statistics from the National Women’s Health Center, have recorded how four to eight million adult Americans suffer from Fibromyalgia, with a whopping 90% being women.

Uncomfortable, binding and restrictive (FREE Your Mind) panties can make life hard for anyone suffering from medical issues that surround the pelvic region;
GoCommandos patches, can help alleviate some of those issues.

If you happen to be pregnant, you will find using Go Commandos is the perfect maternity solution. If you’re not already a convert to the #PantyFreeRevolution, I promise, as soon as your beautiful bump begins to swell and your normal panties begin to bite, Go Commandos will be a bountiful blessing!

Made from the purest,organic/non-organic cotton, if you suffer from fabric allergies, you can kiss good-bye any irritation or discomfort by using
Go Commandos, too.

I know this topic is provocative and can easily be extrapolated (Ask Britney), but you know it’s sexy to go bare “Below The Belt” (No one has to know). It just takes a little Body Confidence and a little getting use to. There’s always an adjustment period when you try something new. Are you ready to switch up your dressing routine and start a new habit? It’s not “hoochie”,but HEALTHY. It’s the modern girl’s way to “Flaunt Her Freedom”. Exercise your right and do what makes you feel good!  

Freedom Is Sexy Too

So, let go of the shame, say Bye-Bye to Visible Panty Lines, strut your stuff and shout I’m Going Commando!

Britney Spears will be rooting for YOU!

I Think I Did It Again…

Health & HotSuccess,

~ Ungenita


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