Every girl deserves a well-endowed bank account and stiletto high credit scores.

I bet you didn’t know that deep down inside I want to be the “ Financial Super Hero ” for women (you know my outfit would be HOT and my stilettos would sparkle like diamonds…lol). So naturally, I’m always on the lookout for ways to help you fill your wallet with dollars and raise your Financial IQ. After rebuilding my credit and resolving financial matters post Sexually Transmitted Debt I thought it would be a hot topic to break down.

April is “Ask For What You Want” Month and guess who came scrolling down our Twitter feed, Jesse Rodriguez the author of The Credit Blueprint. Leave it up to me to pick his brain with less than 140 characters.  

I was surprised to learn he’s frequently asked, “As a woman what can I do to improve my credit and have really good credit scores?” Well, he’s going to break it down for YOU right now!

1. You Comb Your Hair Regularly Same Applies To Your Credit

I recommend that you sign up for a paid credit monitoring service that reviews all Three Credit Bureaus and sends you a notification when something changes. You can go to our website and order your 3 Bureau Credit Report, with credit monitoring, and it will include a Million Dollars of identity theft protection insurance.

2. Don’t Trade In Sanity For Style

Never make unnecessary purchases on your credit cards and that goes for clothes, shoes, handbags and cosmetics too. You don’t want to buy things that you don’t need, especially when it comes to putting it on credit cards. This is a fast way to get into debt and once you have credit card debt, it can be extremely hard to get out of debt. So make sure you are very cautious about what you’re spending. This leads into our next credit tip…

3. Out Of Debt: Into Wealth

You really never want to have credit card debt. Credit card debt is almost always very high interest and its compounding interest, so the interest adds to interest if you don’t pay off your balance in full each month.

4. “ROI’ Is The New Black

Use credit to leverage your Investments, not to be in debt. That would mean that you’re using your credit to invest in things that are paying YOU more than you’re paying in interest. That does not mean you just swipe and buy something on a credit card. That would not be an investment unless it’s paying you.

5. Fashionably Late #NOTCute

Forget making your payments on-time make them early. This way the Bank has no excuse that they didn’t receive your payment. Because this happens frequently, so make sure to make your payments early – You’ll ensure you don’t pay interest this way either.

6. Purchase With A Purpose

Your purpose should be to get cash back rewards, airline miles or points. Now, I personally will never ever swipe a debit card because it doesn’t give me cash back. I personally only use credit cards for all my purchases, but I pay my credit card off every month and I’m ranging anywhere between 1.5% to 5% cash back on all purchases. So, use your credit cards with purpose to get cash back and miles but not to get in debt.

7. You Check Yourself Out In The Mirror Regularly (same goes for credit)

I know I already covered this one but it is the most important, you need to check your credit regularly, monitor all 3 credit bureaus and get notifications if anything changes.

Hope you enjoyed this lucrative lesson, if you have questions about raising your credit score or repairing your credit please do not hesitate to reach out to me.